to Tribal Hills Mountain Resort:

While the area is a world class diving location there is much more to Puerto Galera than diving. There is stunning panoramic scenery, mountain treks to small jungle clad waterfalls and pools, Native Mangyan Indians can sometimes be seen on the mountain and there is a Mangyan village that you can visit to buy their handmade artifacts plus much, much more. Our nearby Aninuan beach is a one kilometer stretch of undisturbed white sand heaven.

Lying to the western end of the town, Tribal Hills has become well known for its spectacular views of towering Mt. Malasimbo, which together its foothills, arc and roll around  and down past the Resort to the shores of the South China Sea. Tribal Hills itself sits on a hilltop 60m above sea level but is still only a few minutes' walk to the beach. As well as have sweeping panoramic views of Mt. Malasimbo and the surrounding peaks, foothills and valleys flowing down to the white sand beaches our Treetops Restaurant offers remarkable see views over the South China Sea. 

The Resort is notable for our spacious rooms and all around scenery. Queen size beds made of native hard woods with pull-outs conveniently offered for extra guests. Through each room has air conditioning, we recommend doing without as the mountain breeze is generally more than enough to cool you. Every room has a terrace where you can sit out, relax and soak up the views. The Penthouse suite is a complete fitted out condominium style unit with a 270 degrees wrap around the terrace with panoramic views that catch not only the mountatins but the South China Sea.

The pool is right at the bottom of the resort where you can soak up the sun or visit our Treetops Restaurant which offers local and international dishes. Have a cup of our great espresso coffee while contemplating life looking at the scenery. We have recently increased the capacity of our restaurant and as a result we are now able to host small functions, weddings and parties.

Room service and free WiFi are available and we have a small archery range for those who want to experience woodland activity at its rustic best. You can come for a beach weekend getaway or a mellow country retreat. A trek up the river to Aninuan falls is a great invigorator or even scuba diving on Puerto Galera's underwater wonders. Surrounding beaches offers nightlife if you fancy some noise for a few hours to liven your night.