Swimming Pool  

At the lower part of the Resort building, located the kidney shaped pool that offers a kiddie pool and a seperate area with seating for adults who just want a seat in the water.


A hidden lake in a nearby town of San Teodoro. Fun adventure located in the deep forrest of San teodoro where you need to ride a Carabao cart going to the area. You will be passing forrest, streams and cross rivers, you need to buckle up to enjoy the ride. Advisable for rough adventurers. Inquire in the reception for how to go here by private trip or commute.


Trekking is one of the activities you can leisurely enjoy without spending anything. For professional trek, please ask the reception if they can recommend a local guide at that time. We don't advise professional trekking on your own. For a safer option-- you can walk around the village to explore locally, go to Aninuan Falls passing by rivers and vegetation only tropics can offers, or ask the reception for a map going to Tribal Hills Nature Park where log seats are scatttered all over the area. Bring a book!

Ponderosa Golf Club  

Located in the high mountains of Barangay Minolo, this golf place has the best 360 view of the whole Puerto Galera and its glory. There are also Zipline and Canopy walk offered in the area. You can access it by renting a car, motorbike or tricycle. 


Life is a Beach. And all commercial beach in Puerto Galera are free. Best things in Life are free. That's it. That's the tweet.


Archery range with 2 separate target for competition. It features a 10mts target distance and an elevated shooting range platform in a hill slope. Gear and Bow rent is PHP 400 for guest with in 30mins. The Archery area is located just inside the resort perimeter. 


Overlooking the swimming pool we have an outdoors but undercover billiard table for those who like to play.

Tamaraw Falls  

Some 14 km south of Puerto Galera town proper Tamaraw spills from the mountainside forming a clear pool where you can take a cool (very cool) dip.